Streaming Tips: Frame rate / fps / frames per second (FPS)

Frame rate / fps / frames per second (FPS)

- The frame rate should be the frame rate of the original file corresponding to
- Normal: 25 FPS (frames per second)
- For live video, in most cases, a frame rate of 15 frames per second is sufficient
- For interlaced video example of PAL input sources are 25 and not 50 frames per second using

Image quality

is a quiet video image with a speaker in front of quiet background required for good image quality far less data than a camera without a tripod, with a lot of motion as in a sports event

- Image noise complicates the encoding. Good lighting and good cameras allow a much higher image quality at the same bit rate.
- Considering a specified maximum bit rate, a trade-off between higher image quality with lower resolution and average image quality are found at higher resolution. A slightly lower resolution (for better picture quality), a higher resolution (at barely acceptable image quality) is preferable! Audiences will benefit usually far more of a subjectively good image quality (at medium resolution, also including scaled full screen) as high HD resolution with compression artefacts and stuttering.

Aspect ratio

- Use during the video encoding always the aspect ratio of your original file.
- Typically, today is 16:9, often-even 4:3
- The correct representation of the received stream, the video player for you to make. Sometimes you can use black bars above and below the image.

Codec and profile settings

For live streaming and file to a flash player, we recommend the format as “MP4″, codec: H.264, Profile: High, Level: 5.1, Keyframe Frequency: 3 sec

For live and file streaming to iPhone, iPad & iPod touch (including compatibility for Flash Player), we recommend the format as “MP4″, codec: H.264, Profile: Baseline Level: 3.0, Keyframe Frequency: 3 sec

Bitrate settings (file and live streaming)

You can set the bitrate freely and should be inspired by this, at the speed of your own internet connection as well as to the expected speed of your internet site visitors / spectators.

When streaming file, the bit rate can be adjusted to the possible download speed of your site’s visitors. Even at higher resolutions plays the performance of the hardware involved.