Contract Without Buying a New Phone

A couple of months ago, I took advantage of a feature in my contract with my last carrier and upgraded to a really nice phone. However, I never intended to continue on with that carrier past the end of our contract period. I felt their rates were too high and there were some hidden fees that I was not aware of when I signed the contract in the first place. So now I am looking for sim only contracts so that I can bring my phone over to my new contract, and not have to buy a new phone.

That would be very good for me, because I do not want to get a new phone. I really like my current phone a whole lot. It is awesome in a lot of respects. But there is another reason why I want to keep my phone and that is a financial reason. If I am not able to just bring my phone over, and have to get a new one, then I will have to sell my current phone for as good of a price as I can find. I am not sure how much it would go for, and I am sure it will not fetch as much as it cost me in the first place. Although, I did not have to pay much for the upgrade.

I guess that is not as big of an issue as I was originally thinking. I would probably come out ahead if I were to sell the phone. But the matter stands that I do not want to switch phones, on account of the fact that I really like this phone, and I also know how to use it well. So yeah, I am looking to find sim only contracts at the moment.