Video Streaming: Choose right camera and neglect sound

Tricky part is choosing the right camera. A camcorder in terms of image quality, of course the best, but usually the most expensive solution. Digital cameras now provide mostly good videos too. However, it is not always easy to stream videos from your camcorder or camera to your computer.

Camcorder and the PC have a FireWire port, a cable ranges. On the computer, a Firewire interface Featured be retrofitted by card. Otherwise must be between both devices are switched often a box that converts about the HDMI signal from the camcorder to a FireWire or USB port. Rarely PC graphics cards have a HDMI input.

At least for beginners, it would be much easier to use a better webcam. Which is easy to connect via USB to the PC. This also applies to some, but not all Digkitalkameras. Here it is important that the manufacturer deliver a driver. To try out video streaming in principle satisfies even the built-in webcam in the notebook. “Today, they are often surprisingly well,” says Streaming expert Fabri.

Do not disregard the tone. “A lot of work so the computer while listening to the stream,” says Blanche Fabri. “The image then see and not have to rely on the sound.” She recommends when in doubt, prefer to invest money in a good micro as in a great camera. Play movies, home to the photo collection or replace the MP3 player: Current hardware combines all these capabilities – and the content usually provides the Internet.

Copyright must be respected

Who has camera or notebook may have problems. “It becomes difficult whenever I tangent rights of others,” says the Berlin media lawyer Thorsten Feldmann. If you want to stream, some events should observe the house rules: Are there notices that prohibit filming or photographing?

Is not the case, you still cannot bring everything and everyone into the net – because while you may violate the right to their own image of what is filmed. “At public events, is usually not a problem,” said Feldmann. “The participants have since often been tacitly consent to filming, or is an event of contemporary history.” If in doubt, you ask but rather one too many times, because the copyright law plays a role: “A presentation during a lecture can be protected,” said Feldmann.