Streaming: Player with HD Switcher

As in the example files from your streaming server account included as a template, you can use our players including HD Swicher. The player thus takes up the four different levels of quality of the automatic encoding (converting video above) back. The first time you play is started with a “normal” resolution of 360p (640×360 pixels) with a solid image quality.

The stream will then go immediately and displays the same video position to the video in HD for example. These resolutions can be used regardless of the size of video within your website. I.e. you can insert the player still in any size and aspect ratio on your page. The video image is automatically adjusted to the size (or full screen).

Depending on the selected video quality of the HD switcher, the image appears here particularly sharp and detailed, or rather rough and pixelated, if the user has deliberately chosen a “mobile-resolution” corresponds to the speed of its Internet.

Settings and Notes for streaming video (live streaming and file) – Resolutions, bitrate, fps, etc.


- Common resolutions. (In brackets is an aspect ratio of 4 to 3, given instead of 16 to 9.)

320 x 180 (320 x 240),
512 x 288 (384 x 288),
640 x 360 (480 x 3 60) = 360 p
854 x 480 (640 x 480) = 480 p
960 x 540 (720 x 540)
1024 x 576 (768 x 576)
1280 x 720 (960 x 720) = 720 p HD – Full HD 1080 p (1920 x 1080 pixels) is currently on the internet.

It is not recommended because 85% of users use monitors that such a resolution does not represent you, PCs and Macs with medium processor features and you see only jerky image. In the context of bit rate to 2000 or max 3000 kbit / s tends to FullHD resolution to image distortion).

A higher resolution than the original size of your original video is not useful.